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Be the Change & Be Beautiful.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Everything Is Love and Everyone is Amazing and Beautiful. Wake up each morning and expect something Positive to happen in your life. In order for change to occur in your life, you first must be able to IMAGINE the change that you want to take place in all aspects of your life. For change to occur, you simply must not do the same thing that you did the day before, PERIOD. Know, feel, & believe in every morsel of your being, that you and your thoughts create your personal reality. So what thoughts do you want to hard wire and fire. You may have to change your belief system and you may not. Just ask yourself, does the beliefs that I have believed thus far still serve. If they do than great, if they don't and you are strong enough to swallow your pride and nip in the bud, then go on with your bad self. Be beautiful, your beautiful regardless, we as human beings, are so amazingly beautiful when we find what makes us tick, what drives, us, motivates us, lifts us up and inspires us. Finding what your passionate about and go out and get it and be the change that you want to create. Normally what we do is stay in our comfort zones in exchange for a little hit of dopamine, which occurs when we do something that makes us feel good like having sex or eating a chocolate chip cookie, or by doing something that makes us feel good. The problem is that it that good feeling never lasts, at some point, it goes away, otherwise we wouldn't keep doing it. In order to grow like a flower and be even remember that we are more beautiful than we think we already are, we must learn to get outside our comfort zones. It's only when we step into the unknown and jump into the river of change, that we can learn to thrive in discomfort. Our bodies can only be in protection mode or growth mode but not both at the same time. So if you feel like it's time for a change to occur in your life by all means, learn to thrive in discomfort, so that you can blossom like the most gorgeous flower that you have ever seen. If not, then continue doing what your doing and we will be here when you decide to bust a move. Regardless of all this, just now that you are Beautiful, Amazing, Smart, and so Loved by this little guy right here. Go on with your bad self, sweating blood prove it. Everything is Love and when we are able to recognize that and understand it whole heartedly, everything in the world is beautiful, and together, in unity, we can move mountains. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Love Is The Only Way

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