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One of the key tenets of Aetherius Society teachings is the belief that the Mother Earth is a living Goddess. This belief has been held by numerous cultures throughout history, and, in certain traditions, such as shamanism, is still regarded as central in terms of both philosophy and practice. In recent years the concept of the Earth as a living entity has even gained a controversial foothold in the scientific community, in the form of the “Gaia hypothesis” which was formulated by Prof. James Lovelock in the 1970s.

The Gods from space teach that the Earth is a conscious, living, breathing entity – with feelings and thoughts just like any other conscious living entity. She is extremely advanced, and more than qualifies for the title of “Goddess” due to her extraordinary wisdom, compassion and spiritual power.

She has quite literally sacrificed her own salvation so that we can live here. The beauty of the natural world around us is but a dim reflection of the unfathomable inner beauty of her great soul. To her it is a limiting veil enshrouding her colossal light – a veil which exists only to provide us with the physical conditions which, due to our low evolutionary status, we currently need in order to gain karmic experience.

While ecology for the sake of humanity is a very good thing – an even higher motive for ecology is to help the Earth herself. As a sentient being she can literally feel the harm we do her – whether it be through the everyday pollution of which we are all guilty, or, much more seriously, through the abominations of the atom bomb and nuclear experimentation – for which humankind as a whole has moral, and karmic, responsibility.

Radiating love energy in gratitude to the Earth through prayer and other spiritual practices is the very least we should do in recognition for all that she has done – and continues to do – for us, unworthy though we most certainly are. In addition to this, we are told that, through spreading the amazing truth of her Divine sacrifice, we can actually help this great and wondrous Goddess in the limitation she now suffers. We owe her everything – and have done very little to even say thank you – so any and every opportunity we have to be of service to her should be seized without hesitation. One of the greatest ways humankind can help the Earth at this time is through Operation Sunbeam.

The Lords of Karma will not allow the Mother Earth to continue to bear this terrible burden indefinitely. There will come a time when she will remove this shroud of self-imposed limitation which we call home – and let her true glory shine forth. We need to prepare for this great happening so that we will be spiritually advanced enough to withstand the colossal might of her energies when this takes place. This, perhaps more than any other truth, makes spiritual action not just a personal choice, but a practical and logical necessity for us all.

Blessed is the Logos of this Earth, for she shineth like a sun doth shine. Yet – of purpose – she hideth this light beneath the bushel of a material form, which renders unto man, sustenance.

The Master Jesus in the seventh of The Twelve Blessings

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