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Our Mission

Our mission is to Illuminate the World, to blaze a trail of Light around the globe physically and spiritually, to create New Earth Energy Ascension Columns of Light to anchor & magnify the Creator Light for the Ascension of Mother Gaia and all of Humanity in the New Golden Age of Aquarius, to awaken the Divine Light within our Brothers and Sisters, to Unite all of humanity, all classes, races and people's of many different backgrounds and faiths through the energy of Divine Oneness, Divine Love, Divine Will and Divine Wisdom to bring about right human relations with equality for all. Because now is always the moment to awaken from the illusion of separation to remember that we are all One Human Family and we are each a Divine Spark of the All That Is! We are Eternal Souls in physical bodies! We are creator beings, created in the Image of God to create!

We are a group of like minded beings who are here to help the beautiful souls of Earth remember what it looks like to be in love with God, all of life and all of creation, which is God. There are many ways to heal the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul and it starts with humbling the ego to remember to live in the heart, where your individual Souls lives, to awaken your Super-Soul (your God Self). Taking the hero's journey of looking deep within yourself, to awaken the Buddha within you, to find that all the answers you are seeking in life already live within. Your true higher self already has all the knowledge already placed inside of you to fulfill your higher calling, life purpose and soul mission that you signed up for before you came to Earth.

 The answer is to start looking inward. Only then can you tap into and start awakening light codes to repair and rejuvenate your DNA to unlock the knowledge God has already placed inside of you. Balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Within. Meditation is the perfect place to start. Personally I get there by communing daily with God in deep meditation, saying and writing affirmations, prayer, decrees, invocations, chanting, crystal healing, being creative, fasting, eating healthy, dancing, flow arts, sacred plant medicine, among many others. All of these methods are our spiritual allies to help awaken the I Am Presence within and there are many more as well. Spirit has taught me to flow, dance, love and be, and this has changed my life so beautifully. Everything is energy, all we have to do is learn how to harness it for the greater good of ourselves, others, Mother Earth and the Universe. Start helping others every chance you get, i mean friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers, help animals and plants as well. It will give you a sense of gratitude, because it is the loving thing to do. We came here to be of service to Spirit in All of its infinite forms. You see the thing about growing is, the more you grow the more you have to give. And like all of the many great Ascended Masters we give Love and Life and Hope with each breathe we speak. Truth plus Love equals Wisdom. Surrender plus discipline equals flow. Regardless of what you have been taught or told, knowledge is meant to be shared with everyone. Share your wisdom too, so that others do not have to go through the same struggles and challenges you did, to make it easier for the next generation of beautiful beings to make our Earth Star a pure positive vibrational frequency that emits pure love out to the rest of the Universe. Which in turn gets us ready for our Ascension, to make the shift to Unity Consciousness globally. This is our mission, to help the collective raise our consciousness while living in this part of the Ascension process, to intensify the Light of the lower dimensions. To put an end to suffering for all beings, to return/awaken all of God's Children back to our True Higher-Selves (our Christed Self) into the Heart of God, which is us, we are the Heart of God and we live in Him/Her. 

We are here to awaken Divine consciousness into all of humanity and Mother Gaia, by anchoring Heavenly frequencies of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Will, and Divine Wisdom within to awaken to Heaven on Earth. The Age of Aquarious (The New Golden Age) is here, the return of Christ has been prophesized by many and is here. It is time to awaken Christ within each individual Spirit Soul to awaken as the arisen Christ and become crystal clear refined Light Beings. This is what Yeshua set out to accomplish 2,000 years ago when he was here, to plant the seeds to awaken the Kingdom of God within humanity through the power of Divine Love. The Kingdom of God is the Mighty I Am Presence within, which is Christ consciousness/Krishna Consciousness/God consciousness/Divine consciousness/Cosmic consciousness/Unity Consciousness/Crystal Consciousness. It is our duty to anchor these Heavenly frequencies into us and down into Mother Earth/Mother Gaia/Pachamama to intensify the Light of the lower dimensions, so that we can tap back in collectively to the Christ/Chrystal Consciousness grid, that is already in place for an Ascending Humanity.  Now is the moment to transform the world through our sacred Christed hearts, by remembering that we are one with God (the Mighty I Am Presence within), the Elements, Mother Earth, the moon, the Sun, the planets, our Universe.the Omniverse, and All Beings Everywhere that part of the One Unified Being that WE ARE. Let's do everything in our power to ease the way for others, by being examples, way showers, and world servers, by being Love, and beacons of Light with the help and guidance of the Angelic Hosts, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Devas, Elohim, Beloved Dieties, our Star Families, Heavenly beings of Light, the Holy Spirit, our Ancestors and many other Spirit Guides who are here to help guide us through this shift to God consciousness.



Here at Global Unified Body of Love and Consciousness, we see the value in everyone. Because we all have a voice and everyone of them is relevant. We are here to hold space and be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2019, we’ve been driven by love, peace, unity, abundance, prosperity, kindness, gratitude, compassion, empathy, support, empowerment, development and progress towards a global shift in God consciousness for all. We are all Light workers. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes that are necessary to co-create this shift within.

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More About Us

A  group of Spiritual Souls committed and passionate about changing the World for the greater good of all, simply by raising our own vibration and being a mirror to help others do the same. It is time to wake up Spiritually. It's time for the masses to wake up and realize that we are all here together and we are all beautiful beings of Love and Light and God lives within every fiber of our being and we tap into this Divine Essence thru our hearts. So let's embrace the huge energy shift in consciousness that is taking place in our local Universe at the present moment and embody Christ Consciousness with each breath so we can evolve as a collective in consciousness.

"Awaken the Divinity within you to remember who and what you are"

In order for something to grow, first you must plant a seed, and that is what this is. I am planting a seed of love, with nourishment, attention, and love it will grow, I know! With all the amazing beautiful souls I meet out there (like yourself), i know this gathering of collectives in consciousness can only come from the love of God! Namaste

Love Is The Only Way

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Return to your spiritual path of initiation which leads to your inner growth and the internalization of higher consciousness. This path is individualized for each soul and is under the direction of your Ascended Teachers. Your Holy Christ Self/Higher-Self and I Am Presence will guide you without fail to that union.


Get in touch with Global Unified Body of Love and Consciousness to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Earth (Gaia)

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